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SAP to Recruit Workers with Autism

05/26/2013 – 4:49 pm |

A German software company, SAP has recently pledged to recruit employees on the autism spectrum. The company believes that it will diversify talents and has already run a successful pilot program. Read More…

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Communication Conference – March 7th Syracuse

01/25/2013 – 2:36 am |
ASHA Brand Block

Autism 2012: Fighting Towards Progress.

01/03/2013 – 11:10 am |
Autism: 2012

Numbers, names, laws and breakthroughs: a lot has happened in the world of autism in 2012.  As awareness and research continue to grow, so does hope for a world that is better equipped to deal with autism.  This year our knowledge on the subject has increased in many areas.
According to …

Judith Ursitti Explains the New York Autism Insurance Law

08/09/2012 – 3:25 pm |

When her flight from Boston was cancelled, Judith Ursitti was undaunted: she got in her car to make the six hour drive to Ithaca, New York. On July 18th, At the Tompkins Community Action Center in Ithaca, Ms. Ursitti, Director of Government Affairs for Autism Speaks, shared the latest information …

Behavior Analysts in NYS Need Your Help!

04/28/2012 – 11:20 pm |

In 2011, Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law requiring insurance companies to cover ABA services for children with autism. The Bill is set to go into effect in November. Similar bills in other states have encountered resistance from insurance companies, who argue that only “Licensed” professionals can bill for …

Helping Military Families Care For Autism

02/03/2012 – 6:55 pm |
Helping Military Families Care For Autism

Congress is currently working on a bill to help all military families, regardless of duty status, qualify for Autism benefits under the military‚Äôs insurance program known as ‚ÄúTri-Care.‚ÄĚ Peter Bell of Autism Speaks and army wife Rachel Kenyon joins Andrea Mitchell Reports to discuss.
The Bill,¬†HR¬†2288, the Caring for Military Kids …

Obama’s Autism Agenda

02/08/2009 – 10:30 pm | One Comment

So far, research for ‚Äúthe cure‚ÄĚ has overshadowed research for effective teaching methods, both in dollars and public attention. Those of us who teach, support and assist people with autism (both children and adults) will have to work hard for our seat at the table.

Challenging the Assumptions of FBA-BIPs

02/05/2009 – 10:40 pm |

Before helping children with behavior, we must first examine our assumptions about the purpose, process and product of a functional assessment & behavior intervention plan.