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SAP to Recruit Workers with Autism

05/26/2013 – 4:49 pm |

A German software company, SAP has recently pledged to recruit employees on the autism spectrum. The company believes that it will diversify talents and has already run a successful pilot program. Read More…

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Senators Want Health Insurers to Cover ABA Therapy

10/23/2012 – 4:28 pm |
US Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to include 10 types of health care services in all plans beginning in 2014. Unfortunately, it has been mostly left to state government whether or not autism treatment should be required. Some senators are asking that ABA therapy be included in each state’s behavioral …

Effectiveness of School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

10/19/2012 – 8:48 am |

The prevention strategy School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) is gaining empirical support for effectiveness in reducing problem behaviors, improving prosocial behavior, and improving emotion regulation.  SWPBIS alters school staff behaviors, and develops systems and supports that are designed to meet the behavioral needs of students.  A recent study …

Difficulty Putting Knowledge into Language

10/17/2012 – 10:44 pm |
can't say the thought

New brain imaging studies show that children with autism may recognize socially inappropriate behavior, but have difficulty using spoken language to explain why the behavior is considered inappropriate. Read More…

Elopement a major concern for half of all children with autism

10/17/2012 – 9:20 pm |

In a sample of 1,200 children with autism, 49% had wandered, bolted or “eloped” at least once after age 4; 26% went missing long enough to cause their family concern. Read More…

John Stewart and Bill O’Reilly Agree???

10/17/2012 – 7:46 pm |

Support for children with autism crosses political boundaries at John Stewart’s Night of Too Many Stars benefit.  The benefit supports education and training programs for autism.  The benefit has been successful in three previous years, having already raised $14 million. The event is scheduled to air on October 21st on Comedy …

Judith Ursitti Explains the New York Autism Insurance Law

08/09/2012 – 3:25 pm |

When her flight from Boston was cancelled, Judith Ursitti was undaunted: she got in her car to make the six hour drive to Ithaca, New York. On July 18th, At the Tompkins Community Action Center in Ithaca, Ms. Ursitti, Director of Government Affairs for Autism Speaks, shared the latest information …

Keep up the Fight!

05/10/2012 – 10:14 am |

A bill to license Board Certified Behavior Analysts has been introduced in the New York Legislature by Senator John Flanagan of the Second Senate District on Long Island and Assemblyman Joseph Morelle of Assembly District 132 in the Rochester/Western New York region. The Bills are S7017 and A10064: “AN ACT …