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SAP to Recruit Workers with Autism

05/26/2013 – 4:49 pm |

A German software company, SAP has recently pledged to recruit employees on the autism spectrum. The company believes that it will diversify talents and has already run a successful pilot program. Read More…

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Autism 2012: Fighting Towards Progress.

01/03/2013 – 11:10 am |
Autism: 2012

Numbers, names, laws and breakthroughs: a lot has happened in the world of autism in 2012.  As awareness and research continue to grow, so does hope for a world that is better equipped to deal with autism.  This year our knowledge on the subject has increased in many areas.
According to …

Chelation Therapy: Don’t do it.

12/27/2012 – 10:06 am |

In a new review researchers found that chelation therapy is not an effective treatment of autism.  Risks of the therapy include possible kidney damage, gastrointestinal problems, or even cardiac arrest.  Chelation therapy has no evidence to support the idea that it helps autism and has been discarded within the scientific …

Bumetanide: Autism Treatment?

12/13/2012 – 4:16 pm |

In a recent study researchers found that Bumetanide, a medication used to control high blood pressure, may also be useful to treat some symptoms of autism. Researchers found that the medication was more beneficial to children with milder forms of autism. Some of the benefits included more eye contact, improved …

Children with Autism are More Likely to Visit the ER

12/09/2012 – 2:38 am |

In a new study, researchers found that children who have autism are 9 times more likely to visit an emergency room for psychiatric reasons than children who do not have autism. Type of insurance also presented a variable, children with autism and private medical insurance were 58 percent more likely …

Autism Blood Test

12/09/2012 – 2:16 am |

In a recent study published in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers explain a new experimental test to detect autism. The blood test looks at differences in gene expression between children with and without autism spectrum disorder. SynapDx plans to start clinical trials early next year. Read More…

Autism Spectrum Disorder Now Only Diagnosis

12/05/2012 – 11:22 am |

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual which is published by the American Psychiatric Association and used as a guideline for diagnoses is being updated to the 5th edition this May.  Some changes in the DSM-V effect disorders related to Autism such as Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified, and Asperger …

Traffic Pollution and Autism?

11/27/2012 – 3:49 am |

In a recent study in California, researchers found that children with autism were more likely to have a mother who experienced relatively high levels of air pollution caused by traffic during pregnancy than children whose mothers experienced lower levels of traffic-related air pollution. The children were also found to be …

Celebrity Voicemail Contest for Autism Speaks

11/22/2012 – 5:25 pm |

Celebrities such as Carrie Fisher, Leonard Nimoy, Will Ferrell, and Tom Hanks are recording phone messages for an Autism Speaks fundraiser. From December 3rd to December 9th a limited number of messages will be recorded by each celebrity, first come first serve for $299. Read More…


Factors Contributing to Prescriptions

11/20/2012 – 12:39 am |

In a new study researchers found that children with autism are more likely to be taking medication when diagnosed with a comorbid condition. The researchers also found that children with more external problem behaviors were more likely to be taking medication. Older children were also more likely to be taking …

Global Autism Awareness

11/19/2012 – 7:00 pm |

The President of the United Nations General Assembly, Vuk Jeremic, is advocating for global knowledge of autism and autism treatment. He is specifically concerned for awareness in developing countries. Mr. Jeremic also wants to increase availability of world wide services. Read More…