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SAP to Recruit Workers with Autism

05/26/2013 – 4:49 pm |

A German software company, SAP has recently pledged to recruit employees on the autism spectrum. The company believes that it will diversify talents and has already run a successful pilot program. Read More…

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Links to Autism in Child Prodigies

11/15/2012 – 5:25 pm |

In a new study, researchers found that moderated autism may be connected to prodigies’ talent. Researchers found that autism was overrepresented in the prodigies and their relatives. Read More…

Positive Parenting

11/14/2012 – 7:12 pm |
Positive Parenting

In a new study from Brigham Young University, researchers found that positive parenting encouraged independence, language skills, emotional expression, and social interaction in children with autism, developmental disabilities, and intellectual disabilities while improving temperament. Read More…

Flu & Autism

11/12/2012 – 11:44 pm |

According to a new Danish study mothers who contracted the flu during pregnancy were at least twice as likely to have a child with autism. If during their third trimester their fever continued for a week or greater, the mother was three times more likely. The study is considered exploratory, …

Robots: Learning Tools.

11/09/2012 – 7:09 pm |

Recently a school in the UK has began using robots to teach children with autism. These cute, knee high robots are said to be easier for the children to engage with because of their predictability and clarity. The goal for the robots is to improve basic learning skills. Read More…

Connectivity Hypothesis – Tainted?

11/06/2012 – 4:04 pm |

The reliability of fMRI images which fuel the hypothesis are currently in question. Researchers have found that movement may be the variable causing connectivity patterns – not presence of autism. Read More…

Forced Sweating – Not Effective.

11/05/2012 – 3:34 pm |

Pseudoscientific trends continue to appear. Another “treatment” for autism is infrared sauna therapy. Forced sweating is not a scientifically effective treatment for autism. Read More…

Early Diagnosis does not Necessarily Mean Worse Prognosis

10/30/2012 – 8:47 pm |

In a recent study, researchers found that autism is difficult to diagnose in children under 6 months old.  Researchers also found that children presenting with autism earlier did not tend to have a more severe form of autism. Read More…

Researchers Find Exciting Support for Early Intervention

10/28/2012 – 9:05 pm |
Screen shot 2012-10-28 at 10.02.42 PM

In a nationwide study, intensive early intervention therapy was effective for improving cognition and language skills in children with autism 18-30 months old.  There was evidence of an increase in social skills, as well as a decrease in autism symptoms along with normalization of brain activity. Read More…

Tips for Flying

10/28/2012 – 2:29 pm |

The New York times recently published an article sharing a story of a parent of a child with autism and her concerns about flying with her son. The end of the article has 7 helpful tips that may help reduce stress about traveling. Read More…

Sex: Communicate Concretely.

10/28/2012 – 1:57 pm |

Sex is an important thing for all teenagers to be educated about. At the Geneva Centre for Autism International Symposium, Dr. Peter Gerhardt explained that it is particularly important to communicate about sex plainly and concretely to children with autism. Read More…