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SAP to Recruit Workers with Autism

05/26/2013 – 4:49 pm |

A German software company, SAP has recently pledged to recruit employees on the autism spectrum. The company believes that it will diversify talents and has already run a successful pilot program. Read More…

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Bumetanide: Autism Treatment?

12/13/2012 – 4:16 pm |

In a recent study researchers found that Bumetanide, a medication used to control high blood pressure, may also be useful to treat some symptoms of autism. Researchers found that the medication was more beneficial to children with milder forms of autism. Some of the benefits included more eye contact, improved …

Factors Contributing to Prescriptions

11/20/2012 – 12:39 am |

In a new study researchers found that children with autism are more likely to be taking medication when diagnosed with a comorbid condition. The researchers also found that children with more external problem behaviors were more likely to be taking medication. Older children were also more likely to be taking …